What is an effective online campaign?

The power of the media can be measured in many ways – for example, its popularity, audience loyalty, the number of page views or number of sales of printed editions or subscriptions…. However, the final arguments are still the costs, effectiveness, and reach of the audience. In addition, it is important to have the ability to react in real-time and to interact with users. Not surprisingly, the cost of online advertising growth usually is going at the expense of traditional media. Most publishers, a well situated among the “old” media offline, are managed well in the virtual realm and take part of internet “cake” (investing in e-publications, enrich the multimedia content that is available only on the Internet or delivered additional content to subscribers).

Despite the large number of analytical tools available on the Internet, which enables precise planning campaigns or inventory management, publishers still do not use their potential to the full. Basically, this turns out to be true when it comes to discovering the habits of the behavior of Internet users. Therefore, defining the specific characteristics of the Internet as a communication channel and identifying analytical tools for publishers, it seems worth the spent time.

Profile of consumers and the efficiency of communication

Thanks to advertising systems that are mainly used in the online world – such as AdWords (the “Google” search engine). It became obvious that expanding the target group and mass communication may not be the best solution in all circumstances. Until recently, most of the campaign is conducted in this manner. Planning of campaign – in terms of TV, radio, and press – is limited to a large extent. Imagine a campaign for a new washing powder, planned in traditional media. Generally speaking, it may be limited to a particular type of print media (like Women’s magazine) and television (commercials before the popular soap opera or thematic channels). Another difficult task is to plan out effective communication medium. Where to set up bulletin boards, billboards (except the obvious places such as supermarkets), that you can more efficiently reach out to the target group?

Mass communication and massive costs are inevitable, the results are not seen in months, while the comparable figure is not spent on advertising and its effect on a commitment to improving sales. The Internet is in this respect brought a revolution, bringing a different approach of communication with clients. In the online domain, you can count on quality, not quantity that is, to be narrowly defined, target group will be affected. In the case of washing powder – these are direct messages to women of a certain age, at a certain location, with certain habits. In short, the message will reach those who are looking for this type of product at a time. Few things in the world irritate the average user as advertisements. Especially when they are intrusive, too frequent and inadequate of our needs, in other words – everything we see on TV and hear on the radio.

Online advantage

The ability to collect vast amounts of data about the audience member based on daily contact is preferred internet publisher of the traditional media. For this purpose, they use analytical tools for monitoring web content. A study on the benefits of our market (next to “Google” analytics to track basic statistics) is “gemiusAudience”. Developed by the company “Gemius”, “gemiusAudience” is studied in the research of standard socio-demographics, habits and interests of Internet audience in more than 30 countries. The purpose of “gemiusAudience” study collection and continuous updating data intended on optimizing advertising campaigns. The knowledge gained in this way is much wider than the socio-demographic profile. The most advanced IT solutions are universal in scope (measurement includes traffic generated on the site and, for example, via mobile application) and offer the possibility of analyzing the behavior of Internet users, taking into account a number of factors.

Behavioral targeting

Part of building a marketing communication is to draw up a profile of consumers (the most appropriate target groups that will be interested in the product or service). If a profile is more specific, the better is the communication of messages and provided that you have the right channels and tools for this. Based on the analysis of site traffic, a group of Internet users can be precisely defined (characteristic series such as gender, age, place of residence, financial status, interests, most frequently searched content, etc…). In combination with themed sites, portals and categories on other products, this information is a way to accurately convey a message to the potential buyer.

However, even such the seemingly advanced features are not all that modern internet marketing has to offer. The latest tools, besides being able to segment groups of users, adapting the communication to the individual. In practice, this means that the message is profiled (as lifestyle habits, leisure time, interests them, purchasing potential …) and assigned to a specific user in isolation. Behavioral targeting means a completely different approach to advertising compared to traditional media, the reach increases efficiency and keeps costs to a minimum campaign. With advanced analytical tools at hand, you can control a campaign that is underway, correct it if it’s necessary, and that the interaction you build relationships with consumers.

Joining forces even better range

Today, the internet publisher is expert marketing communications. Equipped with advanced analytics and popular web sites in its portfolio, it can perform almost all the requirements of advertisers. Of course, it is even better if the publisher is large and can reach a large percentage of online audiences.

Joining forces advertisers and publishers are going for bigger steps towards the goal of increasing efficiency. In combination with analyst’s publisher, data about Internet users who visited the site with the advertised product or service can be used to achieve a deeper communication. Such features provide analytics that can isolate those users who have been on the website publishers and online advertisers


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