Achieving of professional satisfaction

Achieving of professional satisfaction is the sentence that, from the strange reason, is often difficult to reach in. In the inglorious moments, you are probably staring at the wall during a break at work and thinking if only I had a better position, salary or boss, I would enjoy this. But get ready for a revolutionary discovery: when it is about happiness at work – you’re the boss! There are so many things with which people can create pleasant moments in every day.

Although it is impossible to make the wonderful extremely unpleasant job, you can learn to function within the given framework to make your jobs better. This is thinking of the experts in behavioral sciences, with experience in working to improve the sense of satisfaction of hundreds of people in various jobs.

Set goals

Think about the day ahead of you, and ask yourself: What is my goal? What is my position? If you admit yourself that you are sad and tired, you will know how it might affect you and remind ourselves of things that are really important.

The job is often very difficult, but try to appreciate all that it represents. Stay positive and try to write down goals on stickers. Keep the promises given to fresh and relaxed yourself, during breakfast, even when you find face to face with the raging client or when a colleague next to you completely become furious without signs.

Determine your highlight of the day

Find out what is that which is most looking forward to the day that is in front of you, even if it’s just a trifle. Small things become larger when you think about them.

Your cause for joy is a drink with friends, going to a concert or a delicious meal for lunch? People are motivated with the day in which they await the bright spot. Starting this new practice will make your day gets better and more positive.

Imagine the best version of yourself

Visualize your most important task for the day – a meeting, where the project is close to the deadline – and imagine yourself to triumph in the business. Pay attention to the things you say and do, with the help of things you will reach success.

Whenever you are nervous, visualization of positive outcomes and good humor will always help you to achieve the desired goal, regardless of stage fright and difficult demanding duties.

Provide the time for thinking

Studies show that even minor disturbances hinder the achievement of concentration. Take the time during which you will not be disturbed while you work on your most complex task. Similar activities put in one group – one hour for phone calls, one hour for counting of costing – and it is important to complete each item before starting a new task.

Often we do not have the necessary control over the schedule, which complicates the task. If you have little space for maneuver, focus on minimizing of interference. Limit the time you spend on sites like Facebook, twitter and others are, turn off your phone, or you put the alarm to ring for 15 minutes. Maximum focus while time is up!

Show your appreciation

Give the compliment to your colleague or thank someone and tell that person why you like that thing you praise, that he or she can remember. Pay attention to the effect that this interaction has on you and on him. If you get a chance to make someone’s day beautiful, it will remind you that you have the power to change something. It stimulates your own sense of well-being.

Giving compliments is strange to some people. If praising is not common practice in your workplace, instead of that try to do interpersonal interactions pleasant. Give your place to someone in the bus, or allow the driver in the next lane to realign. When you buy coffee, say” You’re always so kind”. Even a bit more hospitality than the one that is supposed will have a positive impact.

Avoid quarrels at work

Nothing can ruin your day as unpleasant interaction at work. If it happens to you to find yourself in a tense situation with someone, think good people, bad circumstances. Most people, however, are not psychopaths. If someone behaves inappropriately, perhaps something happened which thrown out him from balance. Try to show that you are aware of his frustration, and help him to get rid of defensive attitude. Offer him your assistance.

This was difficult, right? You are reminded to breathe deeply and to answer customers with a smile, even when your nerves were quite strained. But you’ve probably come to the conclusion: Fascinating! What I’ve achieved in this way!

Act out a good mood

A smile is a new powerful pose: research shows that with slow breathing and smiling we can fool the brain, that consequently becomes in a better mood … no matter how ridiculous it sounded.

Apparently, it works, you get feedback of happiness. You are coming at home less upset or discouraged. You feel better.

Name your frustration

Simply writing of the problems can help in overcoming them. When you feel annoyed or upset, write down on paper the pure facts (but not “She ignored me”, but “Last night I sent her an email and she did not respond”), and how you feel about it. At this point, or later, read what you wrote and make the decision to “the best version of you” acted in such a situation.

Writing the frustration at the beginning will seem funny to you, but it turned out that is surprisingly effective. Your worries are no longer so insurmountable, and those who feel that they were too low on the scale to be able to complain to colleagues this type of relief provide the safe valve.

Express gratitude

Select three things that have happened to you during the day (the sundries are counted too) for which you are grateful. Write them down, tell your partner or consider them while lying in bed.

This kind of “gratitude” can give you a major challenge. Therefore, we additionally suggest a game, for situations when you sneak up on negative thoughts: Find three things on the way home that elicited a smile on your face.

At night charge the battery

Work after four or five hours of sleep is the same as when you come to work drunk. Avoid watching the screen before bedtime because it makes it difficult to attempt to fall asleep. If you use your phone as an alarm clock, put it at the door, face down.

This fight was serious. Under the slogan “I was not able to”, which is related to the separation from the phone or alarm, and lying awake because you were not able to fall asleep without the reading. Then, it leaves you a relaxing activity for 15 minutes before going to sleep. You will really wake up calmer and more focused … just in time to choose the ideal outfit for the day ahead.
If you do not let the idea ripen, you will never find out what that might be, how the situation would then develop and in which direction would you go to your life. Maybe it would not bring epochal changes, but step by step it would lead in a different direction.
8. You lose faith in yourself.

And finally, the main reason why she should not give up is that you might suspect in your ability to deal with problems in the future.

Creating something valuable, and work on creativity always comes down to how much you trust in yourself and in your ideas. You do not have to do with talent or the team that you know. It all comes down to the confidence and a willingness to keep the idea to the end.

Sometimes giving up act as a quick solution to the current problem, but the question is, what’s good in the long run?

Do not give up.
It’s not worth.




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