How to run a successful company?

When you open your enterprise, you come out of the troubled waters of indecision and concretized its future work. From the crowd, you pull one ball, and now you need to prove that this ball, your job, is the real winning combination! Next steps in the way of your development is the creation of its own products, a team that you can always rely on, to define your suppliers and customers and to bring your personal life with new obligations.

The importance of leading the company

Those who successfully led the company deserve praise. Hundreds or thousands companies in the world bankrupt each year. Hundreds of thousands of directors or business owners each year has to admit to yourself that they did not succeed. All those who successfully lead the company success because they were making good decisions and create an organization that implements them successfully. That’s the only reason they avoided the fate of unsuccessful operations.

Lead the company means to manage your time successfully. Every day invest your time exclusively to the priorities aligned with the vision and objectives for the development of the company. So take yourself every day, every working hour per priorities of the development vision of the company, is to guide the company in accordance with its vision and goals. Then, when the director of everyday development focuses his every hour of work approaching him and firm to the vision and goals, then the probability of success of business firms maximize. Leading company means the daily management of the company, uncompromising and disciplined in accordance with the vision and objectives for the development of the company. If this were not so, then the director does not lead successful ones and their working hours, a time neither company does not achieve its full potential. Then it creates opportunities for competition. It is important to run a company, every day, every hour, every minute. It is the role of director.

Product, no matter goods or services are, must be perfect. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to make a plan that has:
– product characteristics (function, quality, appearance, size)
– description of the process of making the product (phase time for production …)
– approximate price of materials and other costs involved in making a product stream,
– approximate selling price (minimum price defined as the limit below which one cannot go).

Based on the preliminary plan is necessary to ask ourselves some questions:
– How big are the necessary financial investment?
– Who are my potential suppliers of materials? Is their product made of satisfactory quality?
– What is new and specific in my product? Why is my product better than competitive? How to form the product price?
– Does my product have specification? How to find customers for my product? How to draw the attention of the buyer on my product?
– Do I have a team that will make my perfect product?

Team should be composed of people who have the knowledge, experience and readiness for new tasks. To be open to change, interested and always free to propose a novelty in appearance, quality and promotion of products and the reputation of the company. Try to train people to perform their duties. They will not be able to perform fully and well if they were not trained. Training has to attend seminars, trainings, courses for obtaining the necessary business skills. Do not save the money on training. Investing in knowledge is more than repaid. You get a highly productive, motivated and loyal employee. Learn how to motivate your employees. One of the key skill is to motivate people. If the employee is motivated, he achieves 40 percent higher productivity. Do not think only in cash prizes as a means of motivation. Active role of employees in business processes, taking responsibility for business improvement and greater powers to employees without excessive bureaucratic procedures and making decisions of significant importance are an extremely effective incentives that permanently act on employees and continually result in positive effects for your company or organization. Set a clear objective, explain expectations, allow feedback, provide resources, reward and punish promptly, understand the needs of employees, use the principle of righteousness.


Everything can be replaced, but when you create a good team, it is more valuable than anything. That’s why your team should be stored, treated with respect, regularly perform all obligations to the company, because if you respect them, and they will respect you. The team should be the external collaborators, suppliers, and customers. The team is your strongest supporter!

Suppliers are important partners or partners in responsibility, what quality of materials they provide is directly connected with the quality of my product. In order to properly select the best suppliers, it is necessary to make a choice on the basis of the offer that the possible suppliers delivery paying attention to the price, terms of delivery, payment methods … It is also essential that when meeting with potential suppliers feel comfortable that current talks flowing spontaneously, you can always feel free to contact them in the case of any complaint or change of plans, reducing or increasing delivery. In most cases, the relationship with suppliers is good because from their perspective you are ‘Mr or Mrs buyer “.

Customers are the group that you pumper because the perspective is different now, customers expect you to fully satisfy their needs for a given product. In another case, customers are turning and looking for new markets and new producers. The most important thing is that you have to offer quality and affordable product. Your customers should feel satisfaction when purchasing your product and believe that this is exactly what they want. Before going into production it should be done market research to the audience and to the interview, the survey by phone, sending e-mails, using social networks …… examine what are the needs of potential customers, their desires, and motivations to buy your product. Once you create channels of sales of your product, then the second battle on how to keep your customer and to expand the business to new customers!

Personal life in the sea daily duties required you to do a balance of all your life priorities. The priorities may be different, but they have been constructed and schedule daily tasks. All that is important to us as we have evaluated. In case you have a family, it should not suffer due to business priorities. Again we say plan or a schedule of daily activities, how much time we spend at work, how much time with family and friends, and if there are additional activities that improve our state of health, we fit in terms of leading a healthy and active life!




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