How to start your new job on a good note?

Act like you are still on the probation period/ interview.

When they hire you, it is logical that fulfill you these feeling of entities. It is easy to assume that you belong here. They hired you, which means you’re worth. And the company for sure recognized your gloss!

Sure, you have a job, and maybe really did great, but, in fact, you have not done anything to prove yourself to your new company. So, what you have to do is to justify the trust and prove that you’re worth the chance that you receive.

The first 30 to 90 days of work look like a trial period. Every day come to work as if you come to the test, or like you need to show someone that you are able to do something. More valuable you are going to do, you’ll get smarter and not take things for granted. And through a very short period of time, you will show that you belong here, where they put you.

Look at your manager like at a person who helps you, not someone who tells you what to do. Yes, in theory, a manager tells you what to do. In practice, you are not hired that someone tells you what to do.

Here’s a better approach: the manager has the tasks that you need to do. Think of your job as a process of work that helps him to carry out all these tasks. The more things you realized, it’ll be more appreciated. Plus, you’ll see that it is much easier to work hard when you have a sense of fulfillment and a sense of helping someone to achieve something rather than what you will be set up so that you have to listen to them. Also, a lot more you enjoy the work if you look everything like a challenge that you created for yourself.

Builds relationships based on expertise, not on a story.

Large companies hire workers who are open and who are trying through their ability to achieve good results and meet clients. However, no matter how you were polite and chatty in communication with clients, they did not come here for a coffee but to get what they need. Be nice and friendly, be yourself – but remember that the best working relationships are based on respect and trust, and respect and trust are based on action and how some shows in his work, not only on the promises and the story.

Prove yourself. Give the new purposes. Help. Do all tasks. Due to the respect and trust of others and in this way, you will build a truly great professional relationship. And it is possible that you will create a great friendship, too.
Works over your possibilities, and as often as possible

Of course, in the beginning certainly, you do not have all the skills that the job requires. Also, you do not have enough experience. Furthermore, you may not have the necessary connections and contacts. But, you have all the necessary desire to work hard. Work hard and everyone around you will forgive you a certain lack of ability and experience. They’ll see that you’re trying – and sometimes, at least for a while – and that’s quite enough.

Find out those who are the best at the workplace and follow them.

Every organization is different, which means that those who can best show themselves are not as removed from the mold, but each has its own character. Some of the best workers may be working more hours, and achieve more. Some, perhaps, have a cunning strategy. Features and options are wide. Study them well and go into the substance of their decision-making. How do they work? Do not copy them but learn how to find and achieve such a success … or maybe higher.
Be three steps ahead of others

Think about which direction this task that you receive can take. Think about how it relates to your current responsibilities. Ask yourself what new skills you can learn. Every task, every project, and every business can take you in the direction of a large number of new features.

About your current tasks think as about the parts of the puzzle that you’ll conclude in a big jigsaw puzzle that will finally make sense.

Find a way to distinguish yourself.

Work hard, to become specific in something. Be known because you have answers faster than anyone else. Let know you by the fact that you’re responsible, you have wise suggestions, anything. Be a leader whom they can turn for help. Select the mission and follow it – the one who will bring good to you and to the company and, of course, other workers. In this way, you will be pointed in the best possible way.
Create your own project

It is expected to succeed in projects that you specify, or even to shine at what you do. And when you accomplish it, all people different look at you.

The catch is to take a personal risk on the project and the tenders, without negative results in the company. If that means doing the time out of office, let it be. If that means staying on weekends at home or in the office and working on your ideas, great. But it will be repaid. Even if you do not succeed, everyone in the company will appreciate what you wanted to accomplish something new and it’s great for the company.
Find people who want to help

You are new. People should help you, right? Well not.

You can start by going to help them first. If you see someone that is hard to do something that’s easy for you, just give him advice or come and help, and show how it works. Also, if on the meeting someone gets a task for which you know will not be able to do come later and offer assistance. Even if that person refuses, he will remember that you offered to help and he will offer his own help when you need.

Just make sure that you’re not a person who helps others and eventually arrives to take its projects. Nobody likes that guy.
Never forget why you’re hired

Yes, I want to learn and grow. Yes, you want to build a career. Yeah, you want to be happy and fulfilled. And, yes, you are employed to help the company grow.

It is possible to fulfill their own goals and the company. Make sure to make it so. In this way, you and the company are in advance. And at the end – that’s the most important.




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