How to stay calm in stressful situations?

Do you fight every day with things you have to do? Do not worry, you can stay calm and efficient, even if the request looks like mission impossible!

The challenging job is not even half of what awaits you during the day. What’s bringing the kids in line, maintaining a home, buying and attempt to arrive at aerobics?

While you do all this the only thing that remains you is to be collapsed into a chair and try to pull yourself together. So much for finding space for you and your partner in the evening.

Unfortunately, the more you feel overwhelmed, the less you will be done. Probably you cannot change everything that you need to do every day, but you can learn to be calmer and more efficient

Successful people:

1. Make a list

Our brain is overloaded with obligations that we must do – if you’re trying to remember all you have to do, you may be looking too. Compiling lists you will free up space in the brain and be more productive. Research shows that most of the stress that we feel does not come from the excess of obligations, but of losing control. The list helps make you feel like you hold everything in your hand because it means you can see exactly what to do.

2. Prices what you have

Thinking about what you’re grateful for reduces stress hormone by as much as 23%. People who do this every day improve mood, energy and feel better physically.

3. Avoid suspicion

Especially should avoid the question, ‘What would be …?’ Such questions are fuel to the fire. You’ll start inventing million different varieties of bad in the head and you’ll have a good focus to keep things under control.

4. Go with small steps

Concentrating on something that is very large and important, such as moving or planning holidays, often never ends well. Then we will feel overwhelmed and paralyzed. This is because the big goals are not some practical steps that we take. Try to break them. List of e-mails that you have sent or phone calls that you need to perform are better than the end of a seemingly impossible task.

5. Stop doing everything

When we are overburdened, often delude ourselves into thinking that everything we do is important, and we just cannot do that properly, you can create a kind of addiction. Try to leave some things. Ask yourself: “What can I leave undone?” For example, do you need to always answer your phone at work? Often, if you create a hole, the other will fill it.

6. Prioritize

We often hear that we are overwhelmed by the number of information we receive, but the real problem is that we think that most of these things are equally important, so we give them the same attention, which leads to the fact that we are constantly distracted. Regardless of whether we are at home or work, just think about what’s most important. The first hour at work spend doing things that are most important, before you check email, you are risking something interfere you. In that way, you control your own time. Most people have a problem to say “no” because we think that the other side will accept it bad, but it may not always be the case. People are divided into those who are always looking for something, and those who still have speculated. He who seeks will clearly say what he wanted, usually expecting the other side to refuse, but will not be confused by the refusal. The one who looks for will ask you if it is sure that you will agree to his request. If you are the one who looks for, we will assume that the person you are looking for something expected to say “yes,” when in fact the person can be “the guy who asks” so it is ready to refuse. If someone is looking for something in the future from you, and this application is delivered with ease, you can be sure that this is the type of person who looks for, which means it will not be offended if you refuse.

7. Positive

Positive thoughts are the key to open the doors of life without stress. Look for positive thought on which you should focus attention. When you have a bad day, remember some good things that happened to you, no matter how small they were. Or focus on the good things that didn’t happen yet, but it will.

8. Dissapear

Studies show that small breaks reduce stress. So, to start, turn off all devices when you have pause. The fact that you are all available 24/7 is disturbing. Colleagues will begin to respect the time you are online and beautiful moments you dedicate to those you love.

9. Restricting caffeine intake

Caffeine causes the release of adrenaline that makes you too active, but also to bypass rational thinking. Too much caffeine can affect your physical body and make you nervous. Some coffee is your pleasure, not a prelude to the tension.

10. Sleep

Sleep is very important. It increases the emotional intelligence and stress management. The dream is charging your brain power and unload unnecessary through dreams. Wake up happy, with a clear head. Self-control, attention, and memory are the positive aspects of sleep, while sleep deprivation increases levels of stress hormones.

11. Change the viewing angle

Stress and worries can distort your perception. You cannot always control the circumstances in which you are, but you can control how you respond to them. So when successful people are in trouble, they do not react hastily but are placed in a different perspective, look at things from a different angle and try to find the best way to respond. Do not panic until they do not look all well.

12. Breathe

When you are stressed, your whole body is in spasms. This creates a negative energy. In these moments you should put all away, sit in a chair and just breathe deeply. This way you will not calm down. While you concentrate on your breathing, focus and your mind will wander. Count your breaths to 20 and then again from 1. Works naive but is a great trick to stay calm.

13. Using the support

It is very brave but ineffective, try to get yourself cope with all the problems. To stay calm, you need to identify your weaknesses and ask for help when you need. Others’ perspectives can really be of great help. Certainly, in your office, but also in life, there is someone who supports you.




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