Steps to the perfect motivation letter

You found the perfect job and you want to apply for it, you already wrote a CV, now it is the turn to write a motivation letter. Listen to your heart and honestly consider why you are the perfect person for the job you want, and what are the motives that led you to apply to become one of the candidates.

So when the turn came to get down to business, and together we write a motivation letter that the will leave employer breathless! Before that, we note that the motivation letter is one of a document that goes along with CV, as well the documentation that is necessary for applying for jobs, various scholarships or practice.

Motivation letter gives you the opportunity to contact the employer personally. It presents you as a serious, professional and communicative person and gives you a chance to convince, to engage your employer to read your CV. A letter of motivation, especially for candidates with similar references can be crucial in the selection, because it differs you in some way from the other candidates.

The role of the motivation letter is to clarify and supplement the facts from your biography. With motivation letter, you have the chance to further showcase your knowledge and skills as well as your possible contributions to improving the performance of the organization where you are applying for a job.

These are all the reasons why you are advised to meticulously and carefully access its preparation.

CV contains the personal information that you write as objectively is possible, in the third person. Motivation letter gives you the ability to better present yourself, close to the employer through the subjective speech about yourself, your goals, motives and reasons why you are applying just for that position. The essence of a motivation letter is to awaken the emotion of the employer to the subjective view of your motifs impress and convince him that you are the person who is necessary for the organization.


The point is that the letter from the employer realizes your motives, feel your emotion, genuine desire and intention to become part of his company.
It is important to be creative, sincere, that you show through the letter that you are truly motivated and enthusiastic about the job for which you are applying. Motivation letter should be full of your great interest for a given position, not to impress disinterested, sketchy people who do not know the reasons why they apply for the job.

Imagine yourself as an employer, a person who has a company and which are essential worth, working, energetic and serious professionals. Who would you choose? Which motivation letter to you, in this case, captured your attention? Try to write your letter from this point. Always keep in mind that a motivation letter is actually a tool that helps to convince the employer that among to numerous other candidates determined not you.

In addition to the basic emotions that you upload in your letter, pay attention to the structure of the letter. Motivation letter is often written in quite informal compared to the CV but also pay attention to the way in which you amount your thoughts. It is important that sentences are concise, logical and creative.

Some of the basic rules when writing a motivation letter:

Motivation letter should not be too long, an appropriate length is one page A4 format.

Disconnect the introduction, development, and conclusion.
– Motivation letter should be as much subjective, should show your motives or reasons for applying.
– You should not unnecessarily go in breadth, focus only on those motives and objectives that have to do with the job for which you are applying.
– Write how you would contribute to the company you are applying for and how will your participation and working contribute to the business of the company.
– Be honest as more as possible, specify only accurate information.

Your motivation letter should answer the following questions:

– Why do you want to become part of the company and do that particular job?
– Why are you the right person for this job?
– What is what you have to offer?
– What are you looking at the company?
– How this position fits in with your personal goals and personal motives?
– What is your ultimate goal?
– Where you navigate your career and given position helps you in this?

In the upper left corner write your contact name, organization name, the address of the organization and the position you are applying for.
In the upper right corner write your name, address, telephone number and your email address
Then it follows the central part of the letter that consists of an introduction, body, and conclusion
Finally do not forget to write the following: With respect, Your name and surname.

Before writing letters inform well about the company and the qualifications you need for a given position. If it is required eloquence, there is the possibility that through your motivation letter-show. Next, find out what are their goals, what their vision is, find out about the climate and culture of the organization, as well as the motives of the people who are already employed there.

We also encourage you to read each contest at least 10 times before you start to create a motivation letter. You will then have a better vision of what is required.
Based on this information, their motives and goals shape the letter to be in accordance with the motives and goals of the organization.

Try to be inspired, to write a letter with really sincere desire for the given job. It is important to convey in the letter your enthusiasm to the reader, just like that you will in a sea of other candidates remain in the memory of the employer, which is the goal.

Therefore, it is important that the content of the letter to the employer, leave a strong impression, but pay attention to the form in order to impress a complete, orderly, concise and serious candidate.

Good luck!




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