Why shouldn’t you give up?

What makes the difference between successful and unsuccessful people is that successful people never give up on their dreams and goals. Never give up on what they really want to achieve and because of that generally thrive in it.

It is almost unbelievable how many people who give up a job without providing the right opportunity for success first to ourselves, and then to work where they came to. They have their reasons, but for someone’s it looks like there is no sense in it, to start a job and give up before you make sure that the job is not really for you. You need a minimum of three months’ time until you “figure out” all possible facts “for” and “against.” Then you possible know whether the job suits you or not, whether it is worth to devote it totally.
I will compare a successful business with cycling … If you want to get the bike moving forward, you simply must pedal. No one will do it for you! Now look at a very simple and obvious example of the importance of the word “never give up on your dreams.”

Think for a moment when you were a child, how many times you fall off the bike before you finally was able to manage again? Too many times, right?

Remember now what you have done after every fall with the same bike? Have you given up? Or have you got up and continue to ride?

I am convinced that the most of you got up and again straddled the bike and finally ride it on your own satisfaction and satisfaction of your parents. The same method should be used in the business.
Every time you fall off the bike, again and again, rides it and do not give up as long as you do not want it. This creates winners!

These are some things where you made mistakes.

1. There is a difference between “leave aside the idea” and “giving up”

There is a fundamental difference between “giving up” (something associated with frustration) and bringing ideas eventually, and then decisions, calm and cool head, it’s time to move on to something else. When you quit, continue to carry the “baggage” for a long time – and still, think about it, wonder, perhaps even insult. This is different from the struggle for the idea, which is completed by continuing.

2. Connect the abandonment with failure.

When you invest by your heart into something, and then you realize that this path is not what you expected, or did not want, then move on to something else, that’s one thing. But if you are starting something and then immediately give up, it’s something completely different. Do not give up at the beginning.

If you give up on everything because it is difficult or complicated, or because you’re frustrated, or because some things do not go out of hand, then you will understand the whole story as a failure.
Do not be satisfied with failure. Fight with the idea (or project work, ultimately the person to whom you care) and then if you want to give up – give up. But do it after you have done everything that’s up to you.

3. It turns into a habit.

Family education has a significant impact on the perseverance, but also what you have in yourself. Experience is going with years, but also the recognition that in life everything will not be easy, and that for some things you should work harder. Because of that you should not stop at the first obstacle, or discourage yourself because things will eventually fall into place. You do not get anything with giving up, especially if it becomes chronic.

4. You blame others for your failures

Life is too short to be wasted. Take the best of it. Believe in yourself and your abilities! If you do not believe in yourself, why should anyone else do this?

Only you have the power to live the life of your dreams! No one can take that away! You are the only one responsible for your life!

Always remember, no matter if you’re rich, poor or somewhere in the middle that’s your choice. You’re the one who chose it! Never blame others for your failures because it means you consider yourself helpless.

5. You set low goals!

This is one of the biggest problems and I can say even fear for a lot of people – set high goals.

They don’t realize that setting up and publishing high goals is really the only way to actually achieve the goals. And here are the reasons for this: The whole life you’ve been taught to live in mediocrity, to accept mediocrity and be reconciled with it. That’s not good. If you want to succeed in life, you have to ask set up high goals and passionately want to fulfill them. You must learn to control your mind and to use it in the best way you can.

6. It collapses your reputation.

If you cancel the project or work that involving other people, they will not forget you. And the next time when you appear the second chance, they will keep in mind that you are a “quitter.” It’s okay to want to move on to another project or the idea or do it in a professional and appropriate manner.

7. You’ll never know what it might be.

If you do not let the idea ripen, you will never find out what that might be, how the situation would then develop and in which direction would you go to your life. Maybe it would not bring epochal changes, but step by step it would lead in a different direction.

8. You lose faith in yourself.

And finally, the main reason why she should not give up is that you might suspect in your ability to deal with problems in the future.

Creating something valuable, and work on creativity always comes down to how much you trust in yourself and in your ideas. You do not have to do with talent or the team that you know. It all comes down to the confidence and a willingness to keep the idea to the end.

Sometimes giving up act as a quick solution to the current problem, but the question is, what’s good in the long run?

Do not give up.
It’s not worth.



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