How to sell your ideas?

You have a lot of ideas about how to solve a problem and save the company you work for time and money? You see new ways to improve its operations? Great! But does anyone have a sense of it? Why your useful ideas remain unused?
Today we live in a world where everything takes place quickly, the rules are clearly defined and do not have much space to change things to suit ourselves. A system that is missing is absurd to change, so we need to invent new things that will make a difference.

How most companies today work? At the beginning they have an idea, then develop it into a product and then sell it. Everybody does it, right? Then we will also. Next thing that happens, and that is where most companies fail is that the product is not sold. Why? Maybe we were not ready for it.

Selling ideas and values, not product

At the beginning ask yourself:

Who we are as persons?
What we want and what is our purpose?
What is our story behind all this?
Is it possible to achieve our goal?
What is the unique thing that we offer on the market?

When you answer on all of these questions, you can also answer to the most important – how we change the world?

Come now to rebuild the company, based on these values, and let its center be the culture, not money. Let’s forget for a moment the money, let us be a secondary goal, a central goal we set for our values and things that we believe.

Through the promotion of these values and the testimony of our story, we need to connect with our customers. We must let them know that we are here for them and that we want to make their life more beautiful, that’s our mission. To help them succeed, we need their loyalty.

Talk to the customers about the ideas and values of the company, instead of the product and the competition.

Building the company on core values that we believe in, we gather around the consumers who will be emotionally connected to us, because we believe in the same things. Through this process, we will get the best sales team that we could ever imagine, and it is a community of our consumers.

If we have an answer to the question “What our product makes to the world?” We will easily find people who need our help and who would want to believe in our product.
Why are traditional sales no longer working?

In companies that still have a hierarchical division often develop the need for competition, power, and domination. Then it passes to the consumers. With dominant performances in the market and want to make you purchase a product with aggressive campaigns, while 1-on-1 communicate with stakeholders.
Why do horizontal teams work?

Horizontal teams are distinguished by the fact that the team members organize themselves, arrange the priorities and decide how they will come up with a solution. In this way, each individual is fully informed of all the events on the field, and more connected with the company because it can affect its development.

In this arrangement each employee develop empathy, individuality, they have much freedom, and then transfer it to the buyers. Such a way of encouraging people to connect to each other and the interaction between groups of people, leading to the scalable growth of the company.

If we talk about small companies, fear not to make a misstep and lose control is mainly the reason why your ideas are not experiencing implementation. On the other hand, large companies are sometimes difficult to overcome hierarchical gap and influence on decision-making.

For these reasons, your contribution to the development and troubleshooting depends on your ability to internally “sell” your ideas. You may not be able to convince top management that, for example, change the organizational structure, but surely you can list them to think differently. Your idea will be much taken into account if it is present in the right way.

When next time you turn on your creative light, here are the best ways to introduce new ideas:

Connect ideas to the goals

“You see, our organization has targets A, B, C … (for example, to improve teamwork, internal communication, and productivity) and I have no idea how to achieve those goals…” If you like this begin presenting your ideas logically and it will be more clearly why it should be implemented.

Mention local results that will bring your idea

It is great that your idea has the potential to launch in the top of the world scene, or to be accepted, it is not enough to just sounds sensational. Explain how your idea will help to develop locally because the ideas that sound realistic have much better chance to be accepted.

Identify the right person

Do not worry that you have to convince absolutely everyone. It is important to ask yourself which is the smallest amount of persuasion needed to push your idea to the realization. Identify a person of influence, focus on those who can really help you to implement the idea and think how to convince them.

Manage with expectations

Although you need to be convincing, at the same time you should not discover too much. A lot of information at the beginning can create high expectations, so carefully dose information. Always hold on to what you say and how you deliver more. This is a great way to create excitement.

Beware of the idea for the right moment

Perform conclusions from previous experiences. Each rejected the idea is an opportunity to learn something from it. Keep your idea to another time, remember what kind of feedback you get to customize it and come back with an even better solution.

Ideas are important. Without them, companies cannot survive, and being able to convince others of the importance of your ideas can lead to great things. Therefore, never give up from your idea because those who can sell the ideas can change the world.



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