Top trends that dictate the future of marketing

The modern consumer has increased expectations. If brands want to fulfill these expectations will have to understand requirements very seriously, which means that within their companies will need to make reorganization and to devise different approaches to products, advertising and consumers. Brands that can adapt to the new time will certainly gain not only new customers, but loyal and grateful fans. All of this things marketing manager take care. Marketing manager performs a number of promotional activities to make the product or service has a good response of the public and consumer awareness. The main objective of his work is to achieve a good image of the product or service and to achieve an increase in sales. He is the one who plans, directs and coordinates the promotion of products or services in all fields and using all available channels.
Although it cannot fully predict the future, some of the leading experts in marketing can define some frames in which this power will go in the future.

Here are some trends for the next 5 years, as they anticipate the world’s leading experts, including marketing directors and founders of major international companies and agencies in this area:

Mobile devices will occupy a central place in the world of marketing.

Starting from smartphones, to tablets to portable gadgets, the evolution of mobile devices is one of the key factors that affect the world of marketing. Interaction with customers through their small portable screen for brands means it will be able to achieve more personal relationship with their customers that they are closer and become more part of their lives.

The growth of online advertising.

The trend of increasing in the share of marketing budgets being spent on digital platforms is visible for years. However, with all the tools of advertising such as Google Adwords and Facebook Ads Manager, online advertising is becoming readily available, and it is expected the digital advertising budgets for the first time overtake TV advertising. As well as being easily accessible, online channels and allow increasing flexibility in managing budgets, enabling precise targeting audiences and creating messages that directly call for action, and even the purchase of products and services. It is significant that while the advertising race also includes players like Snapchat and Instagram – which means that the visual content in the online advertising is gaining more importance.

The need for new content will not be reduced.

Never. Content, especially visual, will rule the world of online marketing, taking different forms, breaking down conventional marketing models. Also, the speed of which the certain brand is able to produce some great content, will play the key role in achieving success.

Content made to meet customer needs will be a new hit.

This, in fact, means that the consumers make the content brands that will be used for marketing purposes. The strength of this force will overcome the strength of content that creates brand. Posts on social networks, blogs, pins, photos, are some models that can be used for content consumers. Very popular trend being and practice that brands create content in cooperation with its customers.

Brands will have own audience.

They will nurture their community, consisting of users of their brand, to enter into direct communication with customers, and will create their loyal customers, as well as its brand ambassadors. In the future marketing campaigns and creating marketing content will dictate the feelings, experiences, and user comments brand. Customer satisfaction determines success of the brand. The best brands will be those that will display the best picture of what id working for the benefit of its users. The days when the marketing messages sent only to attract attention are over. People expect more value and less disruption of communication from your favorite brands. The trend is to give people more than expected, and ensuring that marketing messages and efforts provide significant value to consumers. This, among other means, to offer consumers discounts, coupons, contests and the others. Keep in mind that consumers no longer believe everything they hear. They are more sceptic than ever. It is no longer enough to tell the story, but should prove and show their marketing messages and claims.

The target groups are not only millennials.

While most brands today, direct their campaigns to the new generation millennials, in the future it will not be enough. Millennials will at some point left the market for some newer generations so that brands will have to expand their focus to stay in the game.

Personalized marketing, which is based on statistical data, will become finer nuanced.

However, there is a difference between marketing based on data that measure the effectiveness of campaigns, and that marketing that is blatant and intrusive. This difference in the future will be even more important and more prominent. Rewarded will be those brands that are their marketing campaigns to build good relations with customers and the feedback we receive from them. On the other hand, those who implement aggressive marketing will be rejected.

Marketing managers and mandatory training.

These are some of the trends that will in the future distinguish successful marketing campaigns from those that will not have effects for which they are intended. Therefore, it is necessary to continuously improve marketing managers, further training and monitor trends in the business. If achieve successful relationships with customers, partners and the media, they will also know in which ways to turn that advantage into a profit for the company for which they work.
These are some of the trends that will in the future to distinguish successful marketing campaigns from those that will not have effects for which they are intended.

Some trends in marketing are changing and adopt new technologies, while some others, such as good content and relevant information, is still the same. What is required is that anyone who is in a very dynamic and challenging field of marketing, must continually be informed and further improved in the marketing and internet marketing. New knowledge and information, knowledge of the new tools that are used, are often crucial, and that is what makes one campaign successful and the other unsuccessful, and influence ultimately on the brand to attract new customers profit.



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