When and how to refuse a job offer?

Caution of employers stretched the processes of recruitment weekly, even for months. For a given position you can be interviewed several times – personal, or by the phone. But no matter how long the process is and how well you already know your potential colleagues, it is quite acceptable to refuse a job offer. Moreover, there may be legitimate reasons to politely decline the offer, of course, if you are in a financial crunch.
Rejection of the job that you signed can be a very difficult decision, especially in difficult times when the market is dominated huge number of unemployed workers that compete for the same job. There may be several factors that may be taken into consideration in the refusal of work such as; whether the job is a good option, packages for employment who are not eligible or if you just got a better offer. In all cases, it is better that the statement of refusal sounds sympathetic. You never know when you can meet again or to cooperate with the employer.

Here are some reasons why people refuse a job mostly.


Does the value of the shares of the company fall down? Does someone speak about joining with someone else? Both of these things point to the possibility of failure and the position that we now accept for a few months may no longer exist. To calculate the risk, speak with experts in the industry, research firm and consult with family and good friends. If you still want to take the job, try to get a ‘strong’ contract.


Mass abandonment

Changing people in the company’s common to a certain extent. However, if it happens in large numbers this is a warning for each potential employee. Explore a company thoroughly before you accept the offer. Also, listen carefully during the hiring process. They’ll tell you a lot about people by examiners who have left the company or mention the complete lack of redundant workers? These could be a sign that people are leaving the company faster than the others replace them.


If the money is a big factor in your decision to accept a new job, think before you do it. Depending on your financial situation and how to earn more on the new job, with the money you cannot buy job satisfaction. It does not even need to guarantee career progression. Evaluate your finances. Again consider career goals. Assess the situation, with a view to your own future. The transition to a new job for a slightly higher salary may not be the right move if your current job has long-term potential for career development.

Just the job

In almost everyone’s career comes a time when you are working to the point of combustion. If you are just starting a career or moving into a new, this may be what awaits you in the next few years. However, if you have family and personal commitments it is unwise to accept the 80-hour working week. Think about your new schedule’s impact on you and your family. Will a long year replace a lot of overtime? Are there flexible working arrangements so that you can do all family obligations? Can you work from home? Loss of balance work and private life without thinking about the consequences can have a devastating effect on your private life.

Bad reputation

The transition to a company whose reputation is tarnished by scandal or one that is not reputable, it can tarnish your resume. Explore how the employer is standing in its industry. Get opinions from your network. You may learn that it is better to be the leading retailer in the prestigious companies than vice president of sales in that with a bad reputation.

How to do it?

You have to be honest, and decent

If you reject an offer for something for which you have acquired a negative impression of the employer or the company, there is no need to be brutally honest and in that way create a picture of a rude person. The reason is very simple: you never know when you are going away when will you meet the same people in the future.

Be determined

Rejecting a job offer is one of those decisions with which later you will not be able to change your thinking, not the day after, nor later. Thus, well weigh all positive and negative sides, and then bring the final decision. Even if the employer decides to change his mind and still employ you after an initial refusal that could leave a bitter taste in their mouth, and with the new employer is always advisable to start a good relationship.

Do this as soon as possible

The explanation is also very simple: they need a candidate as soon as possible. If it will not be you, then the company must quickly find someone else. So do not belittle yourself a reputation in the business world by giving false hopes.

Tell them

Unfortunately, there are people who think that ignoring e-mails or calls completely normal way to refuse a bid. No, it is primarily the unprofessional behavior, strictly forbidden in the business world. Take the initiative and lift the phone or write a mail, rejecting the offer with respect.


Photo: chiki.site/decline-offer-email.aspx

Call the company after you have made the decision. Talk with the manager responsible for employment or to someone in a higher position that led to an interview. Be kind, polite and professional. Say that you have carefully considered the offer for a job and you’ve decided to give up. If you are asked a question about the reasons why you reject the job, be honest. Your decision to decline the job is usually due to find the work somewhere else where you found better yourself. It is an acceptable stated reason. If you send the letter carefully think about it and write the reasons for your rejection of the proposed deal after you have completed the interview. Offer your thanks and appreciation for the time they gave you and for their confidence in your abilities. It is acceptable to say that the offer is not a good fit without going into details. Complete letter wishing their organization continued success.



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