Why is coaching important for your business?

Coaching … The word that increasingly can be heard but whose meaning is perhaps necessary to further explain especially due to the fact that at present the development of the coaching profession, in different countries, produced also those who are not true representatives of the profession. A coach is not a mentor, not a teacher. They learn you with their knowledge and experience. He is not a psychiatrist. They deal with problems in the past. Coaches are architects who cheer you to design your own and build your future building.

Coaching is a tool to build champions. Coaching helps you to connect with your vision of yourself. To set up and define your goals, determine what you want, find the options and come up with steps that should be done, and to commit to yourselves that you will actually implement these steps into action. Most people do not know what they want but find it harder to formulate exactly what they want. For example, if you say you want to be happy, it is necessary to specify what it is that makes you happy – travel, learning a new language, earning a certain amount of money … Each of us defines happiness differently, but the role of a coach is to help to define clear, positive goals and action steps to reach them and to come.

“The essence of coaching as a philosophy is that we have all the resources, knowledge, ideas and opportunities, everything that is necessary in order to reach the objective that we have created”. Everything originated from the tennis coach Timothy Gallwey who encouraged his students to bring in their own ideas and initiatives in training and play. Timothy is actually taught his players to think, to come to solutions on how to improve their skills and techniques. Here ‘inner game of tennis “as Timothy is called it, has been recognized by business people, who invited him to help them to develop and grow our business. So in fact, it developed first in business, as the need to develop individual or team in a commercial application. Coaching is recognized and applied as a very effective style of management in corporations. The culture of coaching many companies brought in different countries. Today there are local companies that go this way.

Today, practically there are programs where managers learn how to be coaches for their employees, at a basic level, using a basic, simple tools and techniques what is the difference of certified coaches. From practicing tools, it is a much more important change of attitude and management style. Instead of ‘write me an email and send it for approval, and then returned to the client’ develop their employees so that they come by themselves with ideas how an email client should assemble, to come to the conclusion what is the purpose and effect that they want to achieve, what resources they need… Some might appear to have no time for such an approach. In the short term, it can act as an excessive investment of time, but in the long run, these managers train their employees to think for themselves, that in the future come with proposals and options, and from his superiors seek practical solutions and answers. If you have ten employees that will help every day to put ten different issues and to spend 200 minutes every day, whether it’s your team, whether you are effective?


Coaching proved to be a good management style just because encourages people to seek their own options and devise a way to do a specific job. Time employees develop their business skills and take responsibility for the results. In addition, coaching has been recognized as the most effective tool for the development of a successor.


Business coaching differs from life coaching because of the following topics. It often happens that on the sessions clients slid from issues that are closely related to the topics in the business I have, so-called work-life balance. You cannot be satisfied and committed to work if it’s not doing so well in private life. When it comes to business coaching, it is often said that first on the session came executive, came out a man. You cannot do business and be successful at it if you do not touch you. It is the time when it was thought that in business there is no space for emotion. Leaders who are aware of this fact, who have the emotionally intelligent approach their people, respect the individuality, private and personal values, who are eager, willing and aware of the fact that they have to incorporate the individual value to the team, today can make a difference. To live the values of the team, each individual must believe that it can contribute to the organization of the team and feel comfortable.

Most people might never put a finger on his forehead and wonder what their purpose is, and even Mark Twain said that in life there are two happiest day – the day when you were born and the day you realize why you were born. Coaching opens the door to self-awareness, to realize their full potential.

Over time, the vast applicability and contribution of coaching were also seen in the area in the so-called life coaching developed in parallel with business coaching. Therefore, the coaching has become a tool for personal development in all fields. Due to the fact that individuals have less knowledge in the field of coaching, administration in the field of life coaching can come to those who claim to have ‘enough life experience “that qualifies them to be able to deal with this profession. The truth is that it is necessary to check well where you will provide your confidence, because, in addition to the money you can spend, self-styled coaches can produce more significant (negative) consequences. Corporations are working exclusively with licensed coaches, they will check whom they will engage over the coaching associations, like the ICF, the International Coaching Federation, but some are much more exposed to possible fraud.


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