How to gain self-confidence?

Do you ever doubt in yourself? Do you often think: “There’s no way I can find a better deal / give a public speech / move to / find a partner …”? The factor that is crucial to get to anything in life is your confidence. Lack of it will almost always prevent you realize something.

The power of expectations plays a big role

Many studies have shown that when people are put into a situation where we expect to fail, the results are drastically declining. On the other hand, when you expect to succeed, the performance becomes much better. Also, the same person placing yourself different expectations has different performance. Interesting, isn’t it?

Set expectations and beliefs as we see significant determinants of success. People are able to see in advance their success have much more energy and motivation to move forward towards the goals. However, there is something before expectations, the reason why everybody doesn’t have that ability to see and believe in a positive outcome of their work.
Confidence is gained with competency development

A lack of competence is closely linked with low self-esteem. Therefore confidence does not appear magically overnight is not enough only positive mindset. You cannot expect to build confidence if you don’t do anything. The more of experience you have, more you are competent, and therefore you gain self-confidence. Therefore, the best way to high self-esteem is work on your own competence.

Although the development of competencies is an individual thing, we would highlight out some universal things which will also help you to build confidence:

Emotional intelligence

People are essentially social humans. Without human relationship, we, metaphorically speaking, fall down. We become unhappy. For a development of quality, relationships are the essential thing – emotional intelligence. Understanding the emotions that trigger certain behavior in other ways in which you respond to them is something that you can learn.

In addition to understanding the other, it is equally important to understand yourself. How to be more aware of himself? Keep a record of your thoughts, look your behavior. Try to understand why you are doing something, what you can do better next time, but what is it that you are doing well. To trust yourself, you have to know yourself.

The world develops rapidly, the changes are an integral part of life, and the winners of those are persons who could quickly respond to the challenges and adapt to the new rules. Whether you need to choose the shortest route to work or find a way to finish an important project on time, the more you learn how to put the focus on the solution, the more you start to believe in yourself that you can handle new challenges.
Look beyond

Do you want to shine in a situation, and you afraid that you will not show you in the best light, try that contemplate an important event as a “drop in the ocean” and the only one in a million events in your life that are not the most important. So what if it does not appear in the best light? There will be new opportunities to prove.
Positive environment

Confidence will make it easier to build if you’re surrounded by people who think positively, while the society will adversely affect the villains to build your confidence.
Surround yourself with people who believe in you

The environment can be very important for the behavior of individuals, and people are part of it. When someone tells you that you are good at something, usually believe him.

Although it has only a placebo effect, that there is nothing wrong. When you believe that you are good at something, you are doing much more valuable. When others believe in you, you are ready to give much more of yourself. Finally, you have a reason to have confidence, and it can later be transferred to other spheres of life.

Face your fears

Do not run away from your fears, because it will not only make them disappear, but you’ll also “cement” in it. Therefore, squeeze fists and courage to face my fear.
Change habits

If you notice that you are close to your own skin and you’re often unhappy, it means that it is time to change something in your life. Think carefully about what bothers you and what should really fulfill you and take something about it.

Go bravely towards new challenges. Initially, in unfamiliar territory, you will probably be unsure whether you are at the end, realizing that you have afforded to yourself quite new, interesting and exciting experience, be happy and start to believe in yourself.
Do not compare with others

Compare exclusively with yourself, what you did before, and what you are capable of nowadays. If you constantly assess your performance and quality with others, chances are that you will feel bad, because they are not all equally gifted in the same things.

You do not have to be good at everything. Firmly grasp of your own talents and daily refine it. This will certainly raise the level of self-confidence.
Focus on learning

When you focus on learning, failure is just part of the process and cannot shake your confidence. Your test results have no value by themselves, nor are they immutable image of your nature.

They only measure how much you progress. What you should do is the measure of your effort, not results.
Create a ritual

What makes you good that you can work? Coffee? Some exercises? Reading? Playing games on your phone?

Rituals play an important role in your self-confidence. If for a big task in front of you have stage fright, indulge in some of your rituals, you will be calmer and have more confidence. Therefore the results will be better.
Small victories are also victories

Some Olympians train so that they build up your confidence. Instead of immediately striving for the gold medal, they set smaller, more easily attainable victory, and then move their limits.

How they collect their “small victories”, their confidence grows to a point where they feel unstoppable.

So do something, become better, you will see the results, repeat and develop gradually into a person who believes in yourself!



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