What trends, business, and personal challenges are waiting for us in the future?

Development of technologies affected that the economy of the 21st century does not know the spatial and temporal distances of the market, but also monitoring business trends in the environment has become more dynamic and more comprehensive.

Given the fact that modern society has become primarily a knowledge society also the collection of information from the environment and rapid processing of the same and the adjustment resulting changes became the only successful model for monitoring business trends.

In accordance with the dynamics of the current market developments, we are trying to adapt our services to modern trends, but also to keep own identity and recognition. We believe that the combination of these criteria is the recipe that enables us to carry out their business professionally, and at the same time advocate for the protection of our own business integrity.

Current trends are on our roadmap and guidelines for the creation of our business policy and strategy for the development of our market performance. However, we do not want to be just a part of modern trends. Therefore, we have conceived of our own business in a way that we become a driver of new market developments and trends in the local market. With partner connectivity and better meet the needs of the customers, we make equally accessible current trends to medium-sized and small companies. Therefore, management consulting strive to adjust the characteristics of these companies and their operations more efficient and resistant to influences from the external environment.

Timely adjustment of market influences and creating our own creative solutions tailored to the individual characteristics of individual clients are our recipe for survival in an increasingly dynamic market. The flexibility of business trends, except the necessary financial resources requirements and specific skills, as well as continuous work on our own ideas and professional development.

These are some of the trends that were started in the business world, and that will continue in the future. Researchers show that:

1. Too little time and too much administration is the biggest source of internal stress

More than half of the owners interviewed companies (54%) have started operations to be able to do for themselves. However, almost a third of them (28%) believes that too much time is spent on common administration and paperwork and not enough on business expansion (29%). Moreover, 20% of them admitted that most of their time dealing with paperwork, which is why they do not have enough time to concentrate on more profitable parts of the business. This is particularly pronounced with the owners, which most of the time doing paperwork and at least feel focused on business.

2. Small / medium businesses, small / home offices need assistance that will boost your business

81% of owners admit that they did not have sufficient skills or that they sought advice on various aspects of their business when they began. Among these were the most common aspects of finance and accounting – 50% of the owners it was not able to independently overcome. Legal issues and compatibility are next on the list – 48% of the owners sought information or they lacked skills in these areas when they run the business.

3. Bureaucracy remains a challenge for already established companies, as well as for new

Not only that new companies need help in overcoming bureaucracy – 49% of all small businesses now believe that the bureaucracy is a real and ongoing challenge. With this statement in most or all of people agreed 76%. Also, the significantly lower were in some European countries, where the number of those interviewed who agreed with this opinion was only 37%. Almost a third (31%) of those interviewed complained of the excessive amount of paperwork and administration that must be addressed – and the figure was even higher in the French example (44%) as well as users who are working in the education and government institutions (52%).

4. Efficiency is the most important aspect of technology

Most small and medium enterprises and small and home offices of their computing needs, doing a full-house, a little more than a quarter (26%) were partly left to outside suppliers. Business owners in some countries are likely to partly allocate IT services (35% of them), while those in some other countries where IT is developed are likely IT services fully work off internally (63%). Not surprisingly the fact that big role in selecting products with efficiency – as much as 65% of interviewees said they purchase equipment for printing precisely with this criterion. Purchasing decisions are not, therefore, based only on the need to replace bad or defective devices, but also to the wishes of the additional features and functionalities.

Also, there are some changes that happened or it will, but certainly it will leave a mark in the future business world. Most of them are connected with technology.

1. Financial Sector: Banking online

The way we pay bills and work with the banks could soon look a lot different today. If the companies were successful and so far, the revolution in the banking sector could happen as early as next year.

2. Technological sector: watches

After smartphones get their turn and smart watches. Gadgets that we have only seen the Inspector Gadget, will soon become the most normal thing. Watches will contain a number of applications, which will include phone, GPS, the Internet…

3. Digitization of media and services

Large television companies like HBO, CBS, and ESPN’s already work on making the content of their programming to be largely found on the Internet, and they may be available through tablets, laptops, smartphones … No, I do not think so only media. Restaurants and car dealers will also be a major part of their trade and will soon be conducted exclusively online.

4. Demography

Baby boomers slowly old, a generation X and Y are always a lot of attention adds to their health and nutrition. Pharmaceutical companies, health food, food supplements, equipment for wellness and fitness centers also becoming increasingly important.

Some trends and innovations will have a global echo as the four that we wrote.

These data should help entrepreneurs in the following year, but it should be known that the key to success is not only to know what are the current trends but also to recognize the winners and losers within it.




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