How to grab people’s attention?

Do you sometimes fall into despair when you cannot get the attention of a particular person? Do not respond to e-mails, SMS messages, phone calls, and you sit and wait to get at least some kind of answer.

How to get people’s attention and not to bore them?

When you want to get to a certain person you have to be persistent.

But the problem is that people are revolting in one way. Send two, three or four e-mails and so they immediately hate people, do not want their answers, and they become desperate. What you have to do is to find more ways to grab someone’s attention, if it was a journalist or an investor.

What the common people know? Find these people and force them to stand up for you, or at least tell them to phone and say a ‘good word’. Then, you can do so via e-mail, via Facebook, find out what interests them and they send a gift, what turns them on, what interested them earlier investments reduced … You need to know your target.

What the biggest problem is that people choose one way and the ‘hit’ without stopping. Nobody likes it!

These tips can be freely applied to other spheres of life.

The way you write and send is the key number one for the audience’s attention. More engagement means more reach. Sometimes you think of something to write and think about how no one finds not paying attention to the publication, sometimes you’re a little jealous of the competition but that can change themselves in their favor with a bit more engagement. How? Simply follow these tips and be sure to get audiences.

Special highlight your qualities, not only interests

Interests. If we are talking about a job it is usually part of every CVs, represent what you love to do, but I do not know what to do. If for example, specify that you love music, you are in the same basket with 90 percent of the world population, but if you highlight that you know how to play a particular instrument or write songs and that thanks to these qualities, you know a lot of people, it will be much more important information. This will be a signal that you are an active person, which does not meet the average, in this case only by listening to music that you are communicative, and you can use your skills in the right way.

Be yourself

Do not pretend to be something you have not. No one likes such people. Keep yourself relaxed and beautiful theme and do not have a formal approach, as I believe that the topic of professional and professional titles. No one wants to read something boring.

Be current, timely and relevant

All that is written must be happening in the present moment or happened in the past, thereby to be timely and relevant (do not recommend writing unverified and false information). Write things that can be read and comment and to deal with some current topics that are interesting right now.

Keep it short

The shorter, the better. Make sure you do not write novels, because nobody wants to read that. Briefly, introduce yourself and what you want to say.

Make sure that you don’t write in general

People are often the contest from some hundreds of candidates whose are the same in some way. How would you really caught the eye, it is necessary, in accordance with the things you want to get put your qualities that can help in performing tasks on your position in the first plan. If IT professionals looking for a job in the foreground should be your skills and work experience in that field, not your birth date, finishing school or marital status.

Connect with people

Sometimes you will not get something just because of your qualities and talents, but because of good connections. To be ready to react in such situations, first “highlight” what you want to get, so make sure you know someone you need. It is now easy enough to do, in the era of the expansion of social networks. If you do not even know anyone, the second step is the same way you can see if any of your friends have a friend in the target companies or places, who could testify about your qualities. Of course, the precondition for all this is that you are really qualified for that you want to do, not to use for other purposes acquaintances.

Be persistent

Do not wait that the company where you want to go, announce a competition. HR managers send your CV and other documentation that confirms your quality that could use a target company. So they will at all times be within sight of a person who can help them in improving the quality of work or solving certain problems. Maybe one of their business partners is looking for people with qualities you have, and get you good recommendations.

Be Emotional

Emotions sales and encourage readers to share your news, information or idea. You know that on Facebook and other social networks most shares posts attract new likes. They are calls for discussion and exchange. Try to write things that are screaming for a reaction. Challenge it to the others.

Ask questions

Questions are a great way to get comments. But keep in mind that you should not have to ask questions that are easy to answer. No one wants to count on the fingers or have a full head of stupid questions. If you can, put the questions at the end of your posts.

Do not sit idly by, gain experience

Volunteer work in the for-profit company with a fellow student or high school days, different work practices, or freelancing, are work experience and in many cases may be the greater asset for the employer than your education. Therefore, when you do not have a job, do not sit idly by, but activate it, you’re doing what you know you’re working, regardless of whether you’ve paid for it, get knowledge and it will help in employment or changing jobs.

Publish your material

Use social networks to share information you want to be seen. In this way, you can reach a large number of people and connect you with some of them having the opportunity to improve or realize your ideas or projects.

Show that you care

The employer always prefers to receive e-mail or a cover letter when applying for some job, that are not copy / paste, but that it is evident that the intended directly to him. It is, therefore, helpful, in addition to the text, which must adjust to every employer and which should see you’ve met some good company and do not send the same letter to everyone, even put the logo of the company you are talking to.



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