How to turn the time into your advantage?

Time cannot be defined, but may, according to valuables, to stand “shoulder to shoulder” with the most expensive diamonds. A diamond can keep and watch and admire it every day, while the time… We irretrievably lost time. Even the best and most successful moments we cannot relive. Not visible, not tangible, and easily slips from our hands, while we remain overwhelmed to be completed. Our lives consist of many beautiful things, those which feel us and that make us who we are, and cunningly time just does not allow us to devote equally to everything. It is not able to stop the flow of time, and is it possible turn time to your advantage? What do you think you have to do to no longer pass through the head of the tick-tock rhythm, and your watch become an ally?

Probably, like many, you have countless responsibilities? Perhaps you dream of starting your own business, writing a book, learning a foreign language or training. Or maybe you want to clean the garage, sort out the paperwork, correct the fence … Maybe you are planning to go to classes, yoga, walking … And you don’t have time at all. You can control your time if you learn how to do that. And everything else will be easy.

Take advantage of the first hours

How many times have you told yourself that you’ll start to write when you’re done other work? And how many times have you reached the end of the day without energy for such jobs? How many times does something unexpected come up and stole your time you need to dedicate to that goal?

One of the easiest solutions to this problem that arises is to take the first hour of your day and focus on that. Everything else can wait an hour.

Plan ahead

If you do not have time to clean the garage or the collection of information on starting a business, open a calendar and see a couple of weeks in advance and book a date for that matter. Understand the note very seriously, as you go on vacation or you ask someone to volunteer at a local event. If anyone asks you to do something that date reply him that you are busy.

Ask your friends for help

No one can do everything alone, and then friends and family jump!
Do not be afraid to ask for help when you need. Most people will be glad that can help you. Therefore, feel free to ask a friend to keep an eye on the kids while you are making your business plan. Let the husband cook dinner while you’re in the gym.

Use willpower

You managed to find time, but you do not have the will to work on what is imagined? Chances are that no matter how much you want something, chances are you do not have the strength to do. At such moments you’d rather not reply to e-mails, watch TV or sleep, but just then need to perform willpower. Push yourself, because it is the only way to truly succeed.


You cannot control the time, but you can your attention! If you focus on something specific, it’ll do. Do not let irrelevant things interfere on you. The best way to do this is to make yourself a detailed work plan and also set priorities. It will be much easier when you put yourself certain deadlines. We’re all people, and in this world, there are too many wonderful things that could distract us from, for example, a pile of paper on the coffee table. However, the plan has to be respected, and when all are finished, you have a time for everything that until then did not fit into the schedule. Great, right?

Do not disturb!

Probably more than once happened that your colleague came into the office without notice or give you the phone sounds disturb concentration, so that your thoughts trips from the head and then, of course, you cannot recover the next few minutes. That may not sound like much time, but if it happens often enough, so … calculate yourself how many actually lose. Tell your colleagues not to disturb you when you are “immersed” in the job and even turn off the sound on the phone, not without reason called smart phones, everything will be recorded and saved. And you’ll keep safe your sanity.

Do not hesitate, do not take a snooze!

Few people enjoy housework, cleaning the garage, filing court cases from the time while you are still playing in the sand. Sometimes it’s nice to lie back and ignore the boring stuff, but it is only now tipping the short pleasant feeling. So – what must be, it is not difficult, and even if you did, remember that you then expect satisfaction mixed with joy and enthusiasm, because you are on the list of duty finally crossed out something you indefinitely deposited.

I know why I do it!

If you do not know and do not understand what is “hiding” behind a task that needs to fill, it will be much harder to get down to business. Everything you do should have a purpose, a point with which you agree, the reason that respect. Even if something is not exactly according to your wishes, but you understand why it is inevitable that it will have more meaning and perform. And when something makes sense, the more the prices and the results that follow and you will be excited about their achievements. All in all, a winning combination.

In life, anything can happen suddenly and on such things, it is impossible to influence. But all that time remaining can be tailored to fit your needs, and do everything in its schedule. So you will have more enthusiasm for what you love and what you enjoy and you will not waste energy on requirements that are not essential. Apply these tips and let the weather finally be on your side!



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