How to Increase Your Chances of Getting Hired?

Although you sometimes might seem logical that if you are applying for many ads, increase your chances that someone from employers contacted and offered the job, the reality is completely different and thus, in fact, themselves minimize the opportunity for employment. The reason for this is that it shows that you have accepted anything, that the name of the employer is not important to you, nor the working position, which is contrary to the vision of the vast majority of employers, who want quality and focused workers.

By applying an excessive number of ads, especially with the same biographies, which are not adapted to competitions in which you are applying, you label yourself as a person who does not know what wants to deal with, there is no clear vision of professional development and reports on competition conditions which in most cases does not fulfill. With such a “label”, you will hardly find a serious job and will only increase the discontent with him.

This is a step in which, unfortunately, many people start dropping out of the race for the job. Namely, in conditions of high competition among job applicants, it is very easy to the employers to just under a biography or a couple of questions for the interview reject candidates who are not good enough. And often the cause of what a person knows exactly what he wants to deal with, there is no clear vision of your professional development or seeking any kind of job, practically competing for the job maids or marketing, or competing for a job that does not have the necessary predispositions, education or experience or even not at all correspond to the conditions of the competition (which often happens). Although at first sight, it seems that by sending the application to as many ads to increase your chances for a job, it actually is not so because the point is not only in quantity but also the quality of job applications – to be hired, you need to find a job and an employer who fit you but also that you’re an excellent answer. For this purpose, you can get information and accurately what qualifications are required for certain areas of work and what kind of job you expected, and what are the most sought after professions.

If you are looking for a long time and you feel that you would be willing to accept any job, just to start somewhere to do, you understand that this may seem difficult to implement and inadequate. However, by applying to virtually every published ad itself actually reduces the chance of a job, and thus increase the return of their dissatisfaction because of so many added applications that can receive a positive answer (and often is not any response). And if you are looking for any job, chances are that when you find it, it is just such a – “any”. However, this is not the only mistake that people make looking for work right, so you see that no other errors candidate notice employers and that may be a reason for disqualification.

From applying for too many ads in different companies and in different working positions, especially working with the same biography, the only worse variation that you do the same at one employer. If you are an employer, a candidate you are applying for a housekeeper and sales managers, certainly not to take it seriously, even to offer him a job.

To avoid that eliminate themselves from the competition for the workplace, we give you some suggestions that will, without too much time spent, to look more serious in the eyes of the employer that you are interesting.

Prepare and be informed

Good employers prefer people who are preparing for the interview, which means they are informed about the company they compete and who show a desire to work just for the company, not anywhere. It is important to be informed about the companies in which you are applying for a job, but this is important for you alone because, as a firm chooses you, so do you choose a good company for yourself.
You just need to find a company that is compatible with the people who are in it. It certainly does not exist everywhere, some things suit, some do not, so applying to as many ads as you can cause more dissatisfaction because you do not do what you want, even if you enter shortlist and subsequently get a job.

Never enter the ad as soon as you see on the website

When you find a company that is of interest to you, explore it, learn its value and connect with people who are already working there. This is a prerequisite for adapting curricula vitae needs of the employer.

Analyze ad text

Familiarize yourself with the requirements of employers and make sure you fill it. If you have the skills that employers seek, feel free to highlight them.

Find the problem and try to find solution

Try, when analyzing the employer to find some problem in the work of the company, which you can solve your knowledge and ability. Introduce him with it and explain the solution.

Immerse yourself in the role of employer

When you estimate that you are ready to apply to a specific ad, put yourself in the role of employer and compare your knowledge and skills with those required. It is important to assess whether that you, as an employer, hired a candidate who identified himself in that way. If you have a problem with objectivity, let you do it for a friend or family member.
As employers seek to take candidate most suitable for the position you advertised, so you need to find a company that suits you. The best way to do this is by exploring the company, its values and the culture that we live. In this way you narrow down the number of ads that are applying for, or if it is a company whose values are close to you, therefore, the more likely is that you will be recognized as a good candidate and have a greater chance to get the job.




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