Why are sales important?

For any kind of success, you need to know to sell. Raise your head and look around you. Everything you see around you was someone sold, and, of course, someone bought. A lot of people are horrified when they think you should sell something. You are not aware that you sold something many times in your life. You are going on a job interview? You need to present an idea or service that you offer? Whatever you do you need to know how to sell. The sale is a key skill for your success, whether you like it or not. If you have not already mastered it, you need first to know the secret of successful sales.

If you have your own company, then you need to be an expert in sales to survive in the market today. Yes, you say, I am not involved in the sale of my company’s building (service, accounting service, shoemaker …). Yes, but as a company you need customers. And how to attract them? Fix place and make a pair of phrases (I’m glad, you look nice today, so you …), put on a smile every person you meet, put an ad in the newspapers, all the friends say, for a “new business”. All of these is anything other than sales.

I have company! I work from 8 to 15 h. Not for sale, nor to love. Yes …. How many times have stayed longer at work in order to avoid offending the boss? Do you dress nicely when you go to work? How many times have not you say anything to your boss? Well…. all that is sell …

Selling is our natural innate, the only problem is that we do not know any moment when we sell something, either ourselves or any service or any tangible thing. Any recommendation of a good restaurant or a good handyman is sold, except for the sale we don’t get anything, at least in terms of money. However we receive the gratitude of satisfied users of our recommendations, we grow in his eyes.
The dream of every sales professional is the first contact to arrange a meeting, held immediately by the second day, and at the same conclusion the sale. This sounds very good, as if from a fairy tale about sales, however, all that is best in this business know that it very rarely happens. Studies have shown that at the first meeting concludes are about 2% of sales talks, as you’ll admit, very low average. You are probably wondering how much is an average of meetings or contacts before it reaches a successful conclusion. The main feature of successful sellers is resistance.


In the communication with the customer is very important to build quality relationships and gain his trust. The customer must feel that you care about him and want to help him to solve his problems. To build such a relationship buyer must be very familiar, but it takes multiple contacts and meetings. It often happens that the first meeting you come, just at a bad time, when they have already spent their budget or just your product or service they do not need. After that, sales professionals do not give up but make a question to the buyer, which means when he would again be able to hear or to arrange a meeting.
There are numerous studies that show that on average it takes five contacts with the customer to close the sale. So giving up after one or two attempts means that you have not even reached 50% of the average number of meetings. Do not let the line of least resistance holds on the wrong side of statistical data.

Often you’ll hear from the customer: If you had not been so persistent positive, probably we would not do business! This suggests that resistance must be combined with flexibility because if you are not flexible, you will become more arduous and irreversibly lose a customer. You need to find creative ways of how each subsequent contact would not be the same because you will be uniformity of your effort to establish contact also take you to a dead end.

So if your long-term goal is to be successful in sales, you have to be persistent. Do not let a few initial failures offended, because in order to reach the goal you have to learn to jump over obstacles.

The great secret of successful sales

The biggest secret of success is to enjoy the sales and believe with all your heart in what you sell. Many successful people prefer to sell because it is seen as an opportunity to serve a higher purpose. Steve Jobs the most of all like to present and sell his products, rather than developing them. The motive that led him is to make the world a better place and to help people to live better and easier with its products. However, what about those who do not like to sell? How to be loved? How to love a sale?

Most people looking at the sale as an aggressive means of making money, which means the use of lies and deception. It is true that some, unfortunately, used in this way, but it is not the essence of sales. It has always served the people to meet their needs and desires.

Let’s say you want to get a new job. You must be aware that a potential employer imagines your quality and knowledge that you improve for years and thus become a better person. Is not it pleasant when you know that the (only) from the sale, you can give yourself a better life, and business success? If you love the sale, you can watch it differently. The sale should be seen as a means to create a better life for themselves and others.

Here are a few tips to help you as soon as you create and expand the love of sales and be more successful at what you do:

1. Think about the purpose of your sales, and in what ways can help yourself and others

2. Do you think in the context of individuals who sell and help

3. Keep always in mind that the time and effort that you will invest to learn how to sell is the time and effort to help you to love the sale.

It is very important to work on developing sales skills because otherwise, you are waiting for a lot of missed opportunities. You do not need to have a formal education in this field in order to acquire the necessary skills. You can easily see from the successful people available literature or articles that are reading on the Internet. In this way, you will, at least partially, love sales and be more successful at what you do.


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