How stay focused in achieving the objectives?

The objectives are the endpoints which are directed towards our activities, they are our guiding stars. However, the objectives of which each of us has in large numbers, are often unfulfilled. If you want to easily and quickly complete the objectives that meet the toughest and longest tasks and make them easy to follow, we recommend, in addition to their smart design to share goals in as few parts (which is easier to execute and control) and first of all – to write it.

You must have experienced the days at work when you’re doing slower than a snail and your thoughts are somewhere far away and make you as if all this takes years. Due to the poor focus at work, you become less productive. You lose precious time, enthusiasm and creativity at the moment were gone. Unfortunately, there is no possibility that the world is muted only for you, but you can take matters into your own hands, find the right technique and sharpen its focus. Writing down the goals you will achieve everything you want to achieve and not lose your focus. Also, it has been shown that people who write down their goals, to a greater extent and achieve them are successful in doing it. As well as writing makes it difficult to remember what your goals are, it also helps you understand it better because, to record and explain its objective factors, the first is necessary to think about it and well define it.

Once you have set goals (you can define them for all areas of your life – business objectives, emotional, family, social…) that are written to you that it constantly returns from time to time, you read them, to remind you. Repetition is the mother of knowledge, isn’t it? In this sense, writing is easier not to lose focus and to constantly remind you what you want to achieve and activities for this purpose should be taken. Therefore, it is good that your goals are written down somewhere close to your hand or in sight how you do not forget them. If they become just a dusty paper in a drawer or never open file on your computer, then you probably have not done anything.

Here’s what you should pay your attention to stay focused and persistent in achieving the objectives:

1. Define a time range goals

First, it is important to assign the goals in the short, medium and long term. From a business point of view, short-term goals are the duration of one year, medium-term of one to five years, a long-term over five years. However, if that are your private goals, this division can be quite different. In any case, make concrete plan implementation according to the time objective request, therefore, in principle, priority is given to the short-term, medium-term, and then followed by long-term goals that you leave most of the time for implementation.

2. Share the goals into smaller pieces

Good defining and writing of goals. For the huge number of people, the rule is – if we are not able to immediately achieve some of our goals or we work hard and complex, we will delay them as often as possible. In order to avoid this, it is necessary that all its complex, especially medium and long-term goals, create less short-term goals and achieve them on time, step by step. Complex objectives are also required to share even though they are short because they can be complex enough that they cannot be solved in one step.

3. Create an action plan and implementation

After unloading the objective of less and “achievable” parts, present the action plan with responsibilities and time constraints. Define the key points in the process of achieving the goal and try to anticipate possible problems. If for example, you read a book of three hundred pages, make a plan so that you set a goal that daily reading at, let we say, thirty pages, your long-term goal to read three hundred pages turn into ten short or thirty pages per day.

4. Set priorities

Good defining and writing of goals. If we have more goals that overlap in time, we need to make priorities among the objectives and according to these priorities addressed. If we do not, it means that everything is equally important and thus opens up the possibility that we ignore what we have is of great importance. The priorities that we have set for ourselves, depending on other factors can be reviewed, but should not fear that they are permanently placed.

5. Write in the present tense

This sentence serves to realize the goals as realistically attainable, no matter how far away they were. Psychosomatic effect approximation of what we might be far encouraged to develop an awareness of this goal as something that is possible and reachable, not something that happens “once again ….” For example, the target for next week could be ” I held a meeting with … and we agreed to cooperate in terms of … “instead of” hold a meeting with … and agree on cooperation in respect … “

6. Read your goals over and over again, even if you think you already know by heart

This will allow you to stream of your thoughts turn to the active execution of a given stream. Therefore will your subconscious work for you even when you are not fully committed to this task, a replay will help you to never lose focus. If yourselves in moments of weakness remind of how important it is to you, repeating them will achieve the effect of strengthening the will and desire that it truly fulfilled.



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