The secrets of successful management of the company

The role of directors in the organization that you have built up is becoming more dynamic and complicated. Although the directors always have to act as managers, assuming the traditional role of planning, organizing, leading and control to focus the organization towards the progress, it is expected from them to be effective leaders.

The great problem in running a business, which is the basic criterion of quality work of a director, a necessity at the same time watching what is happening in the market and at the same time watching what is happening in the company. The biggest challenge in any business represents competition, and therefore it is not possible that we stagnate in the development of its products and offers customers, while the competitor is already working, because when you first throw a better offer on the market – this is an advantage, but everyone else is in the trouble.

The director must control whether in the company everything is according to plan, whether the tasks are divided between the employees and executed at the specific time and in the right way. At the same time, the director has to have an insight into how the company goes on the market, what the competition is doing and whether the plans for the new business going well, along with the myriad of current problems and obligations, all of these represent the everyday business of each director.

It’s to the director that he is sure that all these tasks are executed in the best way and forgets nothing, he must make a list of their responsibilities and daily controls, whether these tasks are fulfilled as planned. This is the director’s main task, and if it does not work, it does not fulfill its essential function, which means that due to its inability company is in trouble. Unfortunately, many directors think that companies exist to bring them any good, but not that the directors make a good company.

Director performs its tasks with the help of employees, primarily with the help of the company management and the task of the director is to make such a system operating in unison to the management team and expertise to fulfill its tasks and that its benefits accrue in good company business. The problem is how to motivate the employees and the management to do so, and knowledge about how to do it is called management. The director must or know specifically what the company needs to do to operate better and must find out who from the employees will know what to realize.

The problem is that a very small number of employees think about it at all, and the rest of the staff, especially from among the management of the company, wants to obstruct, primarily because they do not want someone’s ability to demonstrate their incompetence. The basic skill of directors is delegating tasks and duties, as if it all works, or if he does not control what employees are doing – the company is in trouble. Creating a business environment in which only the arguments and expert discussions have credibility and in which continuously analyzes the realization of all business proposals and projects, is the only way to run the business.

However, great leaders and the traditional role of raising is a much higher level. With planning, organization, management, and control must master the secrets of brilliant leadership:


The most effective leaders today do not only provide feedback and reports but with communication, they encourage employees to be more energetic. They must watch what effect can have what they say. In the interaction with the people, especially in a period of great changes, challenges or organizational earthquake, you should keep in mind that employees feel your attitude. Be a leader and deliberately interact with the organization speaking from the heart. Inspire employees and fill the energy painting a positive vision of the future, and then explain their role in that vision.

Give power to employees

Dare to hand over some responsibilities to employees. Submit responsibilities in terms of giving power to the others. Giving power to the company’s founders and entrepreneurs can seem strange. At the end of a large part of their role is the power and decision-making in the organization, right? Not necessarily. Power, when misunderstood, means the illusion of control. Instead of seeking control over the other people extremely successful leaders aim at giving these powers to others.

They are the people who control themselves and work to influence on the others. Letting debt provides an opportunity for employees to grow and be successful on the basis of their work and motivation. Large organizations affect people encouraging growth and learning, supporting them through high-quality training and creating a constructive, positive working environment.


To successfully provide support to the staff they need to clearly explain the goals, provide feedback on progress and allow them proper tools and training required for their work. When productivity is faced with challenges or completely stopped encourage two-way communication in order to successfully define the necessary moves. When errors occur, look for solutions problems.

Protect employees from the negative organizational policies and avoid blaming individuals for the failure. Support from the top is developing community and connecting people to better communicate and work with more confidence when you feel the support. Knowing that their word seriously considers employees do not feel uncomfortable when you want to draw attention to the problems and offer solutions.


Constructively communication is the hallmark of the most successful organizations and the people who lead them. Thoughtful, constructive communication is a dynamic, interactive and transparent distribution of information within the organization.

It requires skills such as active listening, clarifying the message, confirming intentions and respect the power of words. Exceptional leaders think about their audience and their intentions and carefully select media, and the tone in which to communicate their messages. With the help of technology that is now available to them in the workplace, by phone, e-mails to messages via Twitter, Skype, Youtube, and others, opportunities for quick placement of information to a wide audience are limitless.

You do not have to be born as a great leader to become the great leader. Become a master the secrets of successful conduct of the above and you will be well on the way to improve your own management of the company.



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One thought on “The secrets of successful management of the company

  1. That was some very powerful,thoughtful,well rounded advise that you wrote. I believe in what you were trying to get people to understand. I have only been in limited positions of authority over the course of my life.The success of a company involves the power to be able to see the working from all position in a company. Over the span of a companies existence the little person will sometimes have a different approach to the ways a company works and can sometimes have ideas that are not conventional. But give them the opportunity and power to demonstrate there ideas that management has overlooked. You will more then not have discovered a way that works in a more cost efficient manner. When this happens you have shown that employee that they as well are a important asset to the company. What also works is acknowledgement to employees who go above the definition of the job title they have or even a simple way to go people you are doing a great job weights great measures for employees to feel that they are noticed for helping to make your company grow. With a little praise given to employees they might not feel invisible and just another employee number.

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