How to express yourselves in a job interview?

Before going to the interview it is crucial to prepare, regardless of whether you have previous experience with the interview or not.

First, find out information about the company, its activities, objectives, successes. Basically, all that you find on the Internet. Then, summarize your professional experience, and personal qualities, your goals, ambitions, think about how to present them to the most appropriate, examples of which to extract. Consider how all this sounds to someone who has not listened to and what kind of impression you leave.

Basic or the first round of interviews are usually recognizable by some more basic (more general) questions because the interviewer meets with you. At the end of the first or some subsequent interviews, you can expect that all the questions will be more focused, more specific and more acute. Except of the first impression, the way you are dressed and answers you provide to a job interview, it is very important what will you say when employer ask you some questions. Verbal skills, such as diction, breadth of vocabulary, saying in the speech, and terms that you use can make a difference in the choice of candidates. As clearly and eloquently speak, your answers will have “greater weight”.

Throw sayings

First of all, all that is unnecessary in one sentence – remove! Maxims like “the”, “as it is called,” “in the principle” ….take away the power and meaning of your statement. In addition reveal your uncertainty which, in turn, may cause doubt whether you really are the right candidate for business. On the other hand, no matter how confident and relaxed you are, do not use slang vocabulary, localities or any form of words that are not part of the formal speech. You will act frivolous and look as if you do not care about the employer and the job for which you apply, and without having a respect to the situation where you are.

Highlight particular your successes, but without praise

Formulate your sentence so that it clearly expresses your opinion instead of being general in nature. Also, avoid going to the other extreme and that everything you say start with “I”. It often happens that people who begin sentences in this way are not objective in relation to their capabilities. It is mostly “praises about the personal accomplishments.” Find the balance that be subjective to your successes and to impose the first face while you avoid the “I” as the beginning of each sentence.

Proper use technical terms

A wide vocabulary and eloquence do not mean that we should “target with” the medical terms and concepts you do not know. Technical terms used in speech are not something that can be learned in one day and, therefore, to use them properly on a particular occasion, it is something that we learn throughout life as part of our own education and it is very obvious when they are contrived. It is needless to point out that this is not a favor to yourself.

Answer with the whole sentence

It would be desirable that all the questions you set up during the interview, reply full sentence. It is not enough to just comment yes or no question, it is recommended that with a full explanation of your opinion on a particular topic, you give satisfactory answers. No one is in a position to read minds and see how much potential you have in yourself, and if you do not adequately express it, it can remain unused.

On the other side, citation of Greek philosophers and thinkers will not go to your hand except if it is not asked on the job ad for which you apply. The place where you have decided to look for work has clearly defined the need for skills and knowledge that is required to have, and for the folk literature, there is no place (may be sympathetic to a small extent, and if I fit into the context, but should not be exaggerated). Too many “philosophizing” on this occasion is not advisable because you taking up valuable time of people with whom you talk. In the interview for the job, it is important to be clear and to exclude the “splurge” philosophy of life.

Highlight interests

Things are very different for each of us, they have the potential to highlight in different areas of business and thus is not bad to highlight what interests you. In this sense, it is not wrong to show an emotional bias towards the work for which you apply. This will show to your potential employer that in front of him is someone who will love his work, but it is certainly a big advantage.

Do not waver

The words that you use are those that will allow you to succeed (if there are general predisposition or if you meet the required criteria for the job) and therefore you should avoid things that will show your insecurity because it says that you are not sure about your potential and possibility of success. On occasions when you suspect that you can do anything, it is desirable to admit and say that you are going to learn. In this way, you will have the confidence of the employer and that certainly means a lot.

Be professional and smiling

A positive attitude during the job interview can help you in the way you will radiate confidence and positive energy. For all the questions, to the possible extent, try to respond in a positive context. Do not use negation and negative sentences (“I’ve never …”, “I do not know…” etc.). It is desirable to emphasize what you know, love and can, not what you do not like and you do not know.

Another big advantage is the smile and emotion (in moderation, of course). It is recommended that you act according to the circumstances, therefore, professional and seriously, but that in any case does not mean that you should be stiff and unsmiling. People who smile carry positive energy in themselves and they bring a more positive light. Radiate a positive and you will leave the same impression.



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