Improve your skills through the power of positive thinking

Human happiness has long been seen as something that can difficult or not at all be achieved. People even believe that some are destined to be happy or unhappy and that they cannot do anything about it. The notion that happiness is very difficult or impossible to reach left the people passive and with a feeling of powerlessness to change their lives. On the other hand, positive psychology makes things much clearer, because it allows people to measure their results and follow their own degrees in which we have made some progress.

Think positive and everything will be fine. It’s comforting, but is always feasible? Switch thoughts from negative to positive is not going to just press a button and the rare people who currently cannot do it. Indeed, it is often not easy to perceive anything positive in the events and circumstances that we perceive as bad for us.  

A person can be changed, and many years of experience tells us that many people want to change. The motivation to change maladaptive behaviors or styles of dysfunctional thoughts is always the first step towards change. When a person (a couple, family) is motivated to change something, variety of techniques and strategies for changing are becoming, for starters, means of change, and in some situations goal for itself.

Many people want to have a positive view of the world, however, either do not know how to reach it, or they fear that positive thinking was a certain kind of self-deception, lies or indoctrination. Imagination and thinking affect how we feel. Someone can say “this is just a daydream.” But when you fantasize “negative” things that often did not happen often never even going to happen, and that’s daydream, and that “negative” things can only make us feel bad. If we can do this, we can also fantasize about the positive things and feel good for no reason.

What is actually the essence of positive thinking?

The essence of positive thinking is not reflected in putting a smile on your face when you do not do this, and keeping happy (hyperactivity) attitude. Positive thinking means that in every moment you can look at the bigger picture, mental and emotional attitude that there is no situation as unsolvable. It is the ability of the utmost importance for your long term health and success, the ability that in every “defeat” you see an opportunity for learning and growth.

There is a possibility that the beliefs that govern us, changes (a realization that there were adequate at the moment of creation, but no longer) have to manage ourselves and our behavior. The realization that one view is only one possible and that it can be replaced by another “truth” that is more appropriate at a time can lead to their abandonment and acceptance of adequate truths that will improve your life.

Think of the belief that you have and that you are unhappy about the procedures that challenged. Ask yourself whether it was really like I saw. Probably you will answer that it was not, and also that the others will see like it if they were there.

But belief is impossible to see. It is only possible to see the event, belief in yourself and your experience not. Any belief exists only in our minds, not objective and realistic in the world. Whether events have any meaning until they cannot be attributed to the person? Is the conclusion drawn from this event one hundred percent safe and the only possible? We believe that they are true because we think that we have seen in the world. When we realize that we have never seen and that only exist in our minds- we can discard them and replace rational, objective and adequate.

The certificate may be disappearing with the understanding that it was seen that only exists in our minds. Awareness of the event that leads the construction of a given certificate can be seen in different ways and analysis of possible ways leading to the change.

Finding as many moments of happiness are the key to open your mind and learn new skills that can be valuable in the future.

What are the effects of positive thinking on your skills

Let’s say you go through the woods and come out a snake on the road. Probably you are scared and started to run how many feet you wear nothing at this point would not be more important than to flee away from the danger. Negative emotions such as fear, program your actions and reduces the space for reflection. Run from the scene may not be the only option. Perhaps you could climb on a tree, grab the branch … but your brain is focused only on fear as a negative emotion that does not allow you to think wider and looking for different options.

On the other hand, research shows that when people connect positive emotions with a situation, they exhibit a much greater creativity for action. In other words, when you are overwhelmed with positive feelings you see a lot more features and become more open. What is more important is that such emotions initiate the development of skills that last much longer than positive feelings.

How to start to think positive?

Very simple. Put yourself more often in situations that may be in you positive emotions.

Here are a few suggestions:

Meditate – research shows that those who meditate daily have much more positive emotions and developed skills.

Contact – each day writes down the positive experiences that you have had. Research shows that this improves mood and immunity over time.

Play – leave time in your daily schedule of fun activities. Give yourself permission to laugh and explore more.

Finding as many moments of happiness are the key to open your mind and learn new skills that can be valuable in the future.

What can happen when you learn yourself that you have a “positive” thinking and doing “positive” behavior is to have more and more positive thoughts among those 60,000 thoughts a day. When the prevailing positive, good thoughts and your experience of yourself, everything around you is much more beautiful and positive. Attention is at the positive things, and where your attention goes there is also the energy grows.



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