The power of persuasion

It’s nice to always get what we want and it is a very important factor for confidence. However, some people will do threats and blackmail to achieve their goals. You should use peaceful methods that will not hurt anyone. It is important to find a compromise, that neither side feels defeated. For example, if your car needs washing, you can put a doormat out of the car, and gently ask the stronger half to wash the car. Want to bet that he will accept?

Each of us has a little tactics that help us reach a certain goal or get what we want. Some are used for the purpose of seduction, some people pray, and some use the dirtiest oldest method of all, intimidating. However, it is important to know that you do not have to use unscrupulous methods to achieve the goal. Research in the field of social psychology were published in many scientific and business journals, and scientists personally believe that the persuasion became real science and provides 6 key factors that significantly have the influence on the human behavior:

– Reciprocity
– Rarity (lack of) something
– Authority
– Consistency
– Liking
– Social proof

It should be noted that described persuasion is used in ethically correct sense, in terms of better business, and not to manipulate people.

And now to get a little closer look at each of these principles.


For the reciprocity, it should be noted that people prefer mutual giving. If someone’s looking for something, you need something to give or offer. It also will help you to meet people who have already done a favor, because they feel that they owe you. For example, if you were invited to a party colleague, the other side will expect you to call him if you’re making yourself a party.

Another very interesting example is when a waiter in the restaurant bring candy (or cookie) with the bill. Although most people think that this gesture will not affect on the tip, research has shown that the kickback increased by 3% with candy. If it is, for example, along with the bill brought two candy, the tip will not be doubled but increased as much as 4 times, it will be increased by 14%! A most interesting of all is that, if the waiter brings with the bill a candy, move away from the table, then stops, comes back and says: “For you fine people here’s another candy”, it happens that the tip is growing incredibly, as much as 23%. This points to the fact that it is not only important to do something, but also to the way we do.

To summarize, if you want to have something to be returned in a good sense, be the first to give something, and the way you give it a beautiful, personalized and unexpected.

Rarity (lack of) something

When it comes to the principle of deficiency or lack of something, what lies in human nature is the desire to have more than that which is less. Or, somewhat is less available, the more we want. So, if you want to convince people to buy or use your product or service, not only to convince them of the benefits that will have, and what is unique about them, but what can you lose if you do not buy or use the same.


As for the authorities, people prefer to follow the reliable and knowledgeable experts. Let us start with ourselves, each of us likes to lie down for an experienced and a good doctor. It would, therefore, be good to lay their diplomas and awards on the walls of the office, but instead of ourselves boast about your qualities, it is best to arrange that someone else do it for you. This way you can raise the sales of products or services to twenty percent. In other words, it’s what he said, but even more when he said that!


Consistency means that you stick to what you’ve said or done. People love it and appreciate it. The point of this premise is to first ask people small concessions that would be easy to agree, in order to eventually be able to rule the consistency to do greater things that are required of them. This is useful in educating children, for example, where unruly children can easily be convinced to do their homework or clean the room first if they take a small step in this direction, for example, with our help, do something, and then alone. Another example can be small and achievable goals to achieve our better physical condition. Let us remember the wise Confucius who said once: “Travel of a thousand miles begins with the one step.”


If you like someone, much easier will you say “YES”. But how do we know what people like the most when it comes to other people. There are three key factors for this:

1) We like people who are similar to us
2) We like people who share our compliments
3) We like people who help us

Therefore, if you want to do a good job, it’s nice to find things in common with your associates, as this will improve future performance. Also, sincere compliments very positive impact on cooperation.

Social proof

Many of the innovations of social psychology show that the power of social proof influence the actions of others. To sum up briefly this principle: when people are not sure in which direction should work, they tend to look around to see what others do and how the others act. Let us remember the McDonald’s commercials that subtly affect their customers, and that says “Billions of satisfied customers.” Therefore, be careful about how you will see your advertisement.

These six principles can greatly help people to improve their way of doing business. And not just business, you can use it in life too. You can have the best idea in the world but if you cannot convince enough people in it, then it is totally irrelevant what is the best idea. Mastering of this skill will give you a range of possibilities that will help you achieve your own goals and get what you need.



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