How to accept changes at work?

Whether we want it or not, changes happen every day. They are inevitable part of our lives. Accepting changes, both in personal and professional life, can be very hard. It is not easy to step out of our comfort zones and adjust to them. We tend to get attached to our lifestyles and habits and more or less firmly cling to them. The main reason for this is FEAR: fear of failure , fear of unknown, fear of criticism, fear of rejection, doubt in our abilities, over sensitivity… But if we want to progress as individuals we need to know how to accept and take the best out of new options and opportunities that appear in front of us. Changes are exactly that, new opportunities, that can lead to our personal and professional growth.

Changes can be unpredictable and they are most of the time. Sometimes we can influence on them by choosing to change. The person who is wiling to embrace changes has a more chance of achieving success. Before fear gets to you remember plenty of benefits: personal growth and progress, new opportunities and experiences, learning valuable lessons, new beginnings…

When it comes to business sphere, rapidly growing technologies are facing our organizations to more complex challenges then ever before. Work environment and the way we conduct business is transforming every day. Workforce is more fluid and people tend to change jobs more easily. If we want to stay on the top of our careers we need to learn how to manage changes that we are facing in our workplace. Standing still will take us nowhere.

Maintaining positive attitude

Positive attitude is imperative. We need to always stay positive and open to new challenges in front of us. Whether we like a new role in our company or not, new colleague that we are sharing office with, we need to make the best of it. Who knows where will this take us in the future or what new skills will we learn.

Letting go of what used to be

Maybe our previous boss or colleague was nicer, more fun to work with. Regretting for better old times will just hold us back from adapting to new circumstances.

Learning new skills

Keeping track of novelties in our industries or communicating with colleagues to learn new ways of conducting daily tasks will bring us up to speed. This way we will not just adapt faster to changes but we will also become more competent in our business niche.

Setting new goals

Goal setting  is important to give us purpose, enthusiasm and to guide us. Adapting to new situations in our companies doesn’t mean that we need to fundamentally change our previous goals. We will just have to adjust them to current circumstances, to find another way to fulfill them.


Part of the fear of change is the unknown. We need to be proactive and find what change involves and what are the implications. Asking constructive questions will bring us to understanding.

Helping others cope with change

Knowing that the others are going through the same as we will make us feel more comfortable and it will reduce anxiety when at work place. By helping others, we can more likely expect getting help back.



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