[Expert Presentations] Shared Services Public Sector

Recently, many organizations are expected to achieve greater efficiency, while maintaining or improving quality, especially in financial management.

Therefore, we put together the most talked about presentations from the 9th Shared Services & Process Improvement for Higher Education & Government Summit in this comprehensive packet to further your learning initiatives.

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Presentations You’ll Find Inside:
• Exploring the Various Shared Services Models
o Dr. Sara Reed, Executive Director – Shared Services Centre, UC Davis
o Pam Gabel, Executive Director, Shared Services Center, University of Michigan
• How to Develop a Front-of-House Customer Services Designed to Improve Program Integrity
o Melissa Long Shuter, Executive Director of Business Operations, University of Louisville
• IT Strategic Roadmaps: Path to Improved Services, Efficiencies & Growth
o Sasi K. Pillay, Ph.D., Vice President & Chief Information Officer, Information Technology Services, Washington State University

Don’t forget to mark your calendar for the upcoming 10th Shared Services & Process Improvement for Higher Education & Government Summit taking place November 29-December 1 in Washington D.C. More updates to come on this year’s program in the following weeks!

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Ted-Michael Gregory
Marketing Manager

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