[Complimentary eBook] Is your finance transformation project doomed to fail?

Dear World Finance Network Members,

I want to share with you an interesting article produced by the SSON’s editorial team “The Finance Transformation Failure Playbook” https://goo.gl/JnCdDZ.

SSON spoke with professionals from the finance function, in order to dig a little deeper into the common reasons finance processes fail and to share collective learnings or past failures.

There are plenty of examples of ‘what not to do’. Shouldn’t this playbook be focusing on success? However, the study of failure can truly enable us to understand how to avoid it. Read the full playbook “The Finance Transformation Failure Playbook” https://goo.gl/JnCdDZ to find out what can jeopardize your finance transformation and what you can do differently to make it a success.

Download the complete playbook >> https://goo.gl/JnCdDZ

The key findings suggest that for a successful business transformation the companies must have:

  • A Clear Vision – The implementation effort and benefits needs to be tailored to the audience
  • Process Alignment – Jules Radford, VP Finance Operations, Inmarsat warns “We need a standardized approach to drive performance improvement,” he explains. “Process alignment is crucial.”
  • Endorsement by Top Management – Who is leading the transformation and how are they communicating, just how successful the process project can be?

Read the playbook >> https://goo.gl/JnCdDZ

To receive a copy of the article https://goo.gl/JnCdDZ through email contact at enquire@iqpc.co.uk or call +44 (0)20 7368 9809.

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