Career Opportunity: Why a graduate degree in accounting pays off.

If you’re looking for a promotion and you think you need to bolster your resume with additional credential or designations, a graduate degree can help. But what degree?

If you’re calculating your ROI, the Master of Accounting (MAC) degree really stands out. Most MAC degrees – like the #1-ranked online program from the University of North Carolina – take just one or two years to complete, which means fewer credit hours to pay for than a longer program, such as an MBA or a law degree. And, since many programs are offered in an online format, you can study and work at the same time, keeping your job – and your income – while you earn your degree.

Graduates from MAC programs also tend to benefit from higher salaries: a Georgetown University study found that those with a Master of Accounting degree earn an average of 24% more than their bachelor-degree-only counterparts. The added knowledge and skills – and the pathway to a CPA license – pay off on your bottom line!

>> Learn more about, including selection criteria, for UNC’s online MAC program

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