Latest Trends in IT Financial Management

Hi Members,

In an effort to stay competitive with other organizations, IT departments are often transforming their IT Financial strategy to be able to do more with less.

Interested in learning how to transform your IT function and positively impact your organization’s bottom line?  Take a look at the PDF below to become equipped with the tools necessary to quantify, communicate, and maximize the value of technology investments.

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[Sneak Peek] What’s inside?

– Ways to achieve IT cost transparency to drive enhanced decision making

– Information on the latest automated tools to effectively report, allocates, and predicts IT costs

– Maximizing your business impact through planning and budgeting initiatives

– Leveraging data and analytics to prioritize IT spending

– Cutting costs the right way and how to clarify which processes are wasting money and which processes are making it

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Geena Monaco

IT Financial Management Week

P.S. Register for the IT Financial Management Week by Friday, March 9th to save up to $600 off standard pricing. Register here: or call 1-800-882-8684.

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