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In an effort to stay competitive with other organizations, Finance & Accounting shared services are considering integrating Robotic Process Automation (RPA) into their organizations to increase their speed-to-market and turn-around times. In cases where processes are vast and recurring, doing things manually is no longer an option. One of the ways to achieve efficiency, especially at scale, is through Automation.

Interested in learning how to embrace a digital future, employ automation to enable next gen service delivery, and ensure technology investment solves real business problems? Take a look at this interview with global insurer Allianz below to become equipped with the tools necessary to quantify, communicate, and maximize the value of technology investments.

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[Sneak Peek] What’s inside?

– Allianz Germany’s RPA project manager Michael Rode explains that the RPA approach was chosen after realizing that it’s impractical, costly, and time-consuming to invest in traditional API-led integration to achieve the same result.

– Taking a Best-of-Breed Approach to Intelligent Automation

– RPA Customer Experience key to driving new thinking in adoption patterns

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