Job Hunting Service

Finding a job in today’s job market requires connections, resourcefulness, and expertise. Relax. We’re here to help make your job search targeted and efficient, and we’re the only career partner you need.

This is a 90 day job hunting / placement program where we will work closely with you to assist and guide you in this crucial time. Dedicated WFN Job Counselor will work with you on your job search,help you write your resume, access online job banks, connect you with hiring employers, recommend training to upgrade your skills and more. Counselor sessions will be held weekly to track the success and guide you to greater success of obtaining a new position.

  • We send you leads to private openings.
  • Provide you with market and industry knowledge.
  • Career Mapping
  • We give you all the employer contacts you need

Career mapping is an essential, but often overlooked, component of any professional development strategy. The key mistakes most professionals make are failing to develop a vision and thinking “long term.” Personally, you would never just get in your car or boat and go on a trip without first looking at a map, chart or GPS to plan the most optimal route to take.

This 90 day program includes a complete resume reformation, career planning, job hunting, leads,and 30 minutes weekly meeting with the counselors.

The cost for this 90 day service is only $ 1,000.00


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93 % Job Placement Success Rate